Pierre Francois Mochez + Rosalie Dubois

Jacques Joseph Mochez
Martine Catherine Joseph Viseur
Pierre Francois Mochez
Rosalie Dubois
No children

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The site for finding information This user has not yet a website on the Internet. GeneaNet page : http://gw.geneanet.org/281054 The data contained in his/her database Description of the database : Size of the GeneaNet database : 13364 Date of last update : 05/01/06 Date of last connection : 05/02/06 Details for the contact User name : 281054 Name : DANIEL MASQUELIER Postal address : 180 RUE QUANTIN BARRE 02100 SAINT-QUENTIN FRA Mother tongue : French Languages included : Your email : romdan.masquelier@wanadoo.fr

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